For Nonprofits

Welcome to The Philanthropy Hub powered by the Community Foundation of North Central Florida. Our goal is to help potential donors find your organization, learn about your programs and be inspired to donate online immediately.

The Philanthropy Hub allows local nonprofits to tell their story at all levels, including programs, management, governance and finances as well as current needs. This platform will help you increase exposure, funding opportunities, productivity and transparency to communicate your impact and results to new audiences.

If you are a nonprofit serving North Central Florida, click on the “Getting Started” button below to find information about the benefits of involvement and how you can become a participant.

If you have already started your profile or need to login, your username (email address) and your password remain the same. If you are experiencing any difficulties logging in, please chat into the blue chat bubble. If you need to reset your password, click here for more information.

If you have completed your profile, we appreciate your hard work and are excited to have you as a partner! You can promote your profile to donors and funders by linking to your profile from your website.

Eligible Organizations

Organizations registered as a 501c3 with an IRS Letter or Determination and updated State of Florida Solicitation of Contributions filing are eligible to create a profile on the Philanthropy Hub. Registered religious organizations and schools are also eligible. The organization must have at least one program in existence that has directly impacted the North Central Florida area.

How it works


Organizations apply for a free profile on the Philanthropy Hub. The applicates are vetted by the Community Foundation and if they meet the above-mentioned eligibility the organization is moved to the next step.

Prepare and Create

Organizations can then populate the 120 reporting requirements on the Philanthropy Hub. This process takes an organization approximately two hours. Once each field has been answered the organization submits their application for verification.


The Community Foundation reviews each of the 120 reporting fields for accuracy and completion. Organizational reviews occur in the order that profiles are submitted with an estimated 72-hour turnaround time. Organizations are verified so long as they have not missed any required fields or key updates have been provided. If any fields are missed or incorrect and unclear information has been provided, the Foundation will reach out to the organization’s representative for clarification.

Profile Status

Re-verification Pending: Profile has one or more key updates incomplete (status is reflected as Expired on the public interface; an Expired status is merely an indicator that one or more key documents/data have expired and need attention)
Submitted for Re-verification: Profile is in line for review
Verified: Profile is up to date (status is reflected as Verified in the public interface). A verified status signifies that the organization has provided required content and key information was reviewed by the Community Foundation.

Update and Maintain

After initial verification, all profiles are to be updated by the nonprofit organization’s administrator(s), on a yearly update basis.